Join the 2023 Wonderland Hill Recreation Association (WHRA) 

Pool Volunteer Group!

Pool volunteers are greatly appreciated and keep the area around the pool nice and safe.

Please consider picking a week or two or even just a day or two to volunteer this summer! 

This may involves a short orientation by Emily Huang, 2023 Pool Volunteer Coordinator.  Emily can be contacted via email:  whra.volunteer@gmail.com or text at (917) 327-0366

Volunteer for 7 DAYS and you will get a FREE DAY of Clubhouse rental! 

The sign-up calendar will be posted on the bulletin board on the lower floor of the Clubhouse 

outside the restrooms once the summer season begins.

WHRA Pool Volunteer Responsibilities include the following simple steps:

Pennant Investment Company

6560 Gunpark Dr #A, Boulder, CO 80301

Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

Office phone: 303-447-8988 * Email: frontdesk@pennantinvestment.com

Thank you so much! Your efforts are greatly appreciated and do not go unnoticed!